Workplace Personality Assessment
Would you like to learn your workplace personality? Click below to take our proprietary assessment and see how your Creativity, Competitiveness, Work Hyperfocus, Interpersonal Dynamics, Teamwork, Leadership, and Friendliness rate in a work setting.
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What is the jobworX Personality Assessment?
The jobworX Personality Assessment is designed to offer insight into the workplace personality of candidates using a quick and easy to use set of questions. By filling out this short survey, candidates can let hiring managers know more about them and help managers find the candidates who have the best fit for the specific needs of the role they are looking to fill.

Roles and candidates are described on the basis of seven main workplace personality factors that are the most descriptive of behavior in the workplace. These factors are Teamwork, Leadership, Creativity, Work Hyperfocus, Competitiveness, Interpersonal Dynamics, and Friendliness.
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What is the goal of using the Personality Assessment?
Many candidates qualify for a job based on skills. For a more successful placement and job longevity, work personality traits can be just as important. Additionally, chemistry with the manager and co-workers can be critical.

By reviewing the workplace personality of a candidate, and having a tool to compare a candidate’s workplace personality to current employees, a hiring manager can better determine if a candidate will fit into that workplace environment.
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Advantage of using jobworX Personality Assessment:
Making hiring and getting hired easier
The Personality Assessment is an important tool for making sure that hiring managers and candidates are matched as closely as possible. By filling out the Personality Assessment, hiring managers can find candidates that match what they are looking for and candidates can find positions where their natural workplace personality is valued most.

By having candidates complete the jobworX Personality Assessment, hiring managers will have a full spectrum view of their candidates, empowering them to make hiring decisions that will lead to better fit for their teams.
Helping teams work together better
With more understanding of the workplace personality of their hires, managers can follow evidence based recommendations for managing their direct reports. Candidates will get a deeper perspective on their workplace personality and get recommendations for maximizing their effectiveness backed by evidence based research.
How was the jobworX Personality Assessment created?
The questions that make up the jobworX Personality Assessment come from well studied questionnaires of workplace personality and have been used in many studies of workplace personality. jobworX uses these questions to build a robust Personality Vector, which summarizes a candidate’s workplace personality along seven main dimensions: Teamwork, Leadership, Creativity, Work Hyperfocus, Competitiveness, Interpersonal Dynamics, and Friendliness.

We conducted our own internal studies of hundreds of individuals to test the reliability of our factors. Reliability gives us a statistical description of the stability of the personality factors. In addition to being reliable, our testing also showed that the jobworX Personality Assessment is good at telling the differences between people taking the test, ensuring that the test is accurate. Using this data, we were able to create a short set of questions that could maximize the reliability and accuracy of an individual's workplace personality factors, while taking only a few minutes to fill out.
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How does the Personality Assessment work?
The Personality Assessment is standardized across all candidates so that accurate profiles can be calculated. Scores are not considered ‘high’ or ‘low’ because one is good or bad. Candidates are given scores on the different Personality Factors based on averages taken from thousands of people who have already taken the personality assessment. Scores are then either compared to the average for that type of role or the personality profile of the ‘ideal candidate’ as described by the hiring manager.

The Personality Assessment takes between three and five minutes to complete. Candidates are encouraged to go with the first answer that feels right, and to answer the questions as accurately and quickly as possible.
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How to use the personality Assessment?
If you’re a hiring manager looking for candidates, you can fill out the Personality Assessment for the ideal candidate you are looking to fill the role. We will use our matching algorithm to determine which candidates in our applicant pool are the best match for you, and we will show you a short list of candidates as well as detailed profiles describing each of the candidates.

When answering questions in the Personality Assessment, do your best to answer each question quickly and honestly. Do not spend too much time on any single question, there are no right or wrong answers. The purpose of the assessment is to find the best match between candidate and hiring manager, coworkers and work environment, so that candidates are satisfied with their job placement and managers are satisfied with the candidates they’ve chosen.
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