Hiring Management Dashboard

Our staffing-in-a-box solution allows any company to easily track, manage, and process applicants through the hiring flow. Users can also create job postings that can be shared on their native website, job boards, email, and text.

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Hiring Management

Easily Manage the hiring process with our turnkey solution. Our platform is ideal for companies of any size that need an easy-to-use applicant tracking platform.

XMake more informed hires

Our proprietary candidate personality assessment allows employers to compare and contrast applicants with current employees

XLearn more about your applicants at first glance

With our question bank feature, employers can now ask candidates questions to applicants before the first interview.

XMaximize hiring efficiency

Track key indicators such as time to fill roles, average candidate review time, applications per day, and much more

Compare candidates to
current employees

jobworX allows a company to identify successful current employees and compare their workplace personalities to prospective candidates. Candidate’s test results are matched against the “ideal candidate” profile which is generated by the hiring manager’s match-score. This is based on the high-dimensional cosine distance between the two.

Graphs showing candidate personality traits

Robust Candidate Profiles

Our worXspace at a glance provides deep and robust candidate profiles, offering a straightforward and accurate candidate vetting approach. This eliminates resume sorting, excel spreadsheets, and email correspondence to track candidates. HR and Hiring managers can easily select the best fitting candidate more quickly and more efficiently.

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